Norsk Garage Sale – A mixtape from a single digging excursion. by Stupid Human

Whilst killing time with my son Fredrick we stumbled across a local garage sale. Since i now live on a small peninsular that juts out into the Oslo fjord, population sixteen thousand, i wasn’t expecting to find much. Amoung all the artefacts and bric a brac were two crates of records, as per usual when delving through someones musical detritus there was a great deal of tat, but hidden in between the unloved were some absolute gems, most were found in those smoke stained PVC jackets so beloved of 70’s record shelves. So good was the hoard i made this mix from the salvaged gems.

All records were cleaned with rubbing alcohol prior to recording, the mix was recorded directly from vinyl via a DN78 Valve mixer, then de-clicked with click repair software. Loudness was optimised with a slow release Universal Audio Precision Limiter

Since making this mix and posting it via FB i heard back from the woman who’s garage it was, these records belonged to her brother whom passed 28 years ago, she loved the mix. I was destroyed by this emotionally but what a beautiful thing! i’m making her a CD.


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